Gift box - Elegant wooden box with precious Sommelier accessories and Lugana D.O.C. 2017 Sansonina - Zenato

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Lugana Sansonina is born in an area of gentle hills belonging to the Tertiary period (about 15,000 years ago) which, thanks to the proximity of Lake Garda - formed at about the same time - enjoys a mild and favorable climate.
On this soil, particularly suitable for the cultivation of the vine, given the good presence of clay in the surface layer, supported by a rich calcareous skeleton below, the Trebbiano di Lugana has established itself becoming one of the most successful vineyards in Italy.
The vineyard is characterized by a planting with high density of vines per hectare. This particular approach produces competition between the vines, resulting in less vigorous production and bunches of grapes with more sparse berries. Optimal conditions to obtain a lower sensitivity to parasitic and harmful agents in general, together with a greater potential for ripening in view of the late harvest.
Particular attention is paid to agronomic operations, to obtain a high leaf area and achieve the best ripening.
The grapes are harvested in boxes with the utmost respect for the integrity of the lotus. The delay in harvesting exploits the excellent acid resistance of the vine and the strong temperature range in October characterized by morning mists that enhance the passage of aromas from the skin to the juice. The wine we obtain not only expresses the typical fruit of the vine and its freshness, but also a marked minerality and a profile of considerable complexity: in short, a very distinctive personality. The clear traceability to the territory of origin is completed with the unmistakable varietal scent and translates into a great and harmonious final structure in the mouth.

Colour: intense yellow with golden reflections;

Bouquet: floral with sensations of exotic fruit;

Taste: good structure, interesting flavor and minerality;
Grape varieties: 100% Trebbiano di Lugana;

Geographical location: Peschiera del Garda, Sansonina;

Training system: Simple Guyot;

Yield per hectare: 80 quintals.

Harvest management: manual harvesting

Vinification: after the manual harvesting of the grapes and the qualitative selection, the fermentation and the refinement take place in stainless steel.

Food pairings: ideal with appetizers, first courses, legume soups, white meat and fish typical of our Lake (boiled, steamed and grilled) as well as seafood and medium-mature cheeses.

Data sheet
Denominazione DOC
Annata 2017
Grado alcolico 13,0 %
Origine Veneto
Vitigno Trebbiano di Lugana
Affinamento Acciaio
Formato 0,750 L.
Temperatura di servizio 11°
Consumo ideale 1/3 ANNI
Il nostro Giudizio 92/100
Tecniche di coltivazione Tradizionale

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Gift box - Elegant wooden box with precious Sommelier accessories and Lugana D.O.C. 2017 Sansonina - Zenato


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